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pixel The kids back then sure had some mind-froogling ideas!

blip Yeah, and lots of them! The class came up with 101 ideas. So Mr. Clark divided all the ideas into categories - like food, travel, school - then he created a simple table with these headings.

pixel The table was zooming fast to make in FrontPage 2000. I remember, too, how the kids had a blam-tastic time formatting the table. They changed its border size, its color, and how it aligned on the page.

blipThe class then entered text into the table - typing in all their different ideas. They even inserted a few pictures into the table.



    Tables are handy when you need to display information in columns and rows.

    To create a table:

    1) Place the cursor on the page.

    2) Click the Insert Table button on the Standard toolbar. A drop-down grid appears.

    3) Move the pointer to select the number of columns and rows you want, then click once to accept the setting. The new table appears on the page.

Create a new table.

    To adjust the width, color, and alignment of your table's borders:

    1) Place the cursor in the table.

    2) Click Table on the Menu bar and select Properties, then Table. The Table Properties dialog box appears.

Select Properties, then Table.

    3) Adjust border width by clicking the spin controls on the Borders Size box. Note: To make the Borders invisible, set the spin control to zero.

Border Size spin control.

    4) Adjust border color by clicking Borders Color and choosing your color from the drop-down color box.

    5) Align table on your Web page by selecting an option from the Alignment drop-down box.

    6) Click OK on the Table Properties dialog box.

Wild table!


    To add text to a table:

    1) Place the cursor into the cell you where you want the text.

    2) Type your text.

Text in a table.

    TIP: A "cell" is one block in a table.

    To add images to a table:

    1) Place the cursor inside the cell where you want the image.

    2) Click the Insert Picture From File button on the Image toolbar. The Picture dialog box appears.

Insert Picture from File button.

    3) Find and click the name of the image file. The file name will appear in the URL text box.

    4) Click OK on the Picture dialog box.

Border Size spin control.


    You can add additional columns or rows to a table - just in case you need to make a last-minute addition.

    To insert additional columns or rows into a table:

    1) Place the cursor in the table in a cell that is next to where you want to insert the column or row.

    2) Click Table on the Menu bar and select Insert, then Row or Columns. The Insert Rows or Columns dialog box appears.

Add a row or column to your table.

    3) To add a row, click Rows, and then click Above selection or Below selection. To add a column, click Column, and then click Left of Selection or Right of Selection.

Insert Rows or Columns dialog box.

    4) Click the Number of rows / columns spin controls to enter the number of rows or columns you want to add.

    5) Click OK on the Insert Rows or Columns dialog box.