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blip The background color the kids added made the text a little more difficult to see. Fortunately, there were lots of ways to fix this. The kids could make the text bigger, change its color, or choose a different font style. What did they decide to do?

pixel All three! Formatting text was loads of fun - and easy, too! The class experimented with FrontPage 2000 until they found the perfect size, color, and style for their text. Once they had one section of text just right, Mr. Clark used the Format Painter to apply the same formatting to text in other parts of the report.

blipMr. Clark really appreciated how the Format Painter gave text a consistent look.

pixel Yeah! And saved his students tons of time - so they could go surfing at the beach!

blip (Sigh! We'll go surfing later. Okay, Pixel?)


    To add text to your Web page:

    1) If you are not in Page View, click the Page button on the Views bar.

Go to Page View.

    2) Click the Normal tab at the bottom of the page.

Normal page view.

    3) Insert the cursor into the blank page.

    4) Type your text.

    TIP: You can make the text bold, italic, underlined, left justified or right justified. Just select the text with your mouse, then click the appropriate button on the Format toolbar.



    Once you've put text on your page, you can change its style, color, size, and more.

    To change your font style:

    1) Select the text.

    2) Click the arrow button next to the Font display. A drop-down list appears with various font styles.

Select a style from the WYSIWYG font list.

    3) Click the font style of your choice.

    To change your text color:

    1) Select the text.

    2) Click the arrow button next to the Font Color button. A Color menu appears.

    3) Click the color of your choice from the Standard Color palette. Or, select from a larger color palette by clicking More Colors.

Pick a color that will show-up on your background.

    To change your font size:

    1) Select the text.

    2) Click the arrow button next to the Font Size display. A drop-down list appears with various font sizes.

With fonts, bigger isn't always better!

    3) Click the font size of your choice.

    TIP: To undo your most recent action, click the Undo button on the Standard toolbar. This feature gives you a chance to experiment - and Undo your changes with ease.



    If you create a text format you really like, you can copy it and apply it to other text. For example, let's say you've created a sub-heading in Arial, 12-pt, bold text. You can use Format Painter to consistently apply this format to all your sub-headings.

    To copy the format of your text:

    1) Select the text with the format you want to copy.

    2) Click the Format Painter button on the Standard toolbar. The cursor turns into a paintbrush.

Format Painter button

    3) Use the paintbrush to select another body of text. This "paints" the text with the same format as the text you selected in Step 1.

Magical, huh?