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pixel When we arrived in the Year 2000, Mr. Clark and his 6th graders were just starting up their Web project. Mr. Clark and his class were new to Web projects and didn't know the complicated computer code that Web experts use to publish Web sites. But no worries here. Right, Blip?

blip Sure thing, Pixel! With FrontPage 2000, creating that first Web page was a breeze. The students simply opened up the software program and started typing out their ideas on the first page.

pixel Clickity-clack. Within minutes of starting the project, the class had written an introduction to their project, added a zammo background color, and saved the page


    To create and save a new page:

    1) Open FrontPage 2000. A blank page appears in Page View.

    2) Click the Normal tab at the bottom of the page.

    3) Place the cursor inside the blank page and type a title or a few lines of text.

    4) Click File on the Menu bar, then select Save. The Save As dialog box appears.

Select Save from the File menu.

    5) In the Save As dialog box, click the Change button to change the title of your page. The Set Page Title dialog box appears.

    6) Type a new name into the Set Page Title dialog box and click OK.

Type a title.

    7) In the Save As dialog box, choose a file name and type it into the File name text box.

Enter a file name in the text box.

    8) Click the Save button.

    TIP: When you're saving a Web page, use a file name you will remember. Choose something that describes the page - like "choir" or "grade6." This will help you to stay organized.


    To change the background color of your Web page:

    1) Click Format on the Menu bar and select Background. The Page Properties dialog box appears.

    2) Click the Background tab.

    3) Click the Colors Background drop-down box and select a color.

Choose a color for your background.

    4) Click OK on the Page Properties dialog box.