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Sharing your work on Web site management

If you've made a web site and it's on the Internet, give yourself a good, hearty pat on the back. If you're just about to start a web site - congratulations. It takes effort and energy to get it done. In the end, though, when you're happily clicking your hyperlinks and listening to your audio files, you'll be glad you did it.

As a web pioneer, consider sharing your knowledge with your colleagues. Take notes as you make your first site. Were there any areas that were more challenging than others? Anything that worked particularly well? Anything you want to do differently next time? Keep these notes in a little book and read over them before you start your next Web project. This way, you can easily refresh your memory and build on your experience.

Other teachers will appreciate learning what you have done, so consider starting a Web site group that meets once a month. Share your secrets and learn some new ones. Discover the best ISPs in your city or town. Find out if they support FrontPage Server extensions - and pass on the news or post it somewhere for other teachers to see. This will save someone else from doing research you've already done. What comes around, goes around. Whatever you do to help others will ultimately be a benefit for everyone. As more information continues to get to more people, there will be more interesting Web sites to visit.