The Explorer


The first program we'll use is FrontPage Explorer. This part of FrontPage gives you the big picture. For instance, if you're doing a web site on fashion trends in the 90's, you might have a page for hairstyles, a page for clothes, and another for shoes. That's quite a few web pages to organize and link together, and FrontPage Explorer helps you do it.

Bobbed hair, Charleston dresses, top hats...


Wrong time period again, Pixel. That's the roaring 1920s.

FrontPage Explorer
When you start FrontPage, the first thing you will see is FrontPage Explorer. This program lets you control the basic design of your web site. Here, you will organize how the group of web site documents will work together as one unified web site.

FrontPage Explorer gives you a map of all the pages in your web site

Buttons on the View toolbar give you the opportunity to look at your web site design in seven different ways - like looking at the same thing from seven different perspectives.

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