Sound Start

Okay. Let me throw you a softball question: How does sound add to a presentation?

It's exactly the same as when sound was first added to silent film. It engages a whole new sense. For example, if you have a banner flying onto the screen, it's really cool to give it a flying sound.

A flying sound? Kind of like a "whoosh"?

You've got it. Here, let me show you how to add sound effects to animation.

Note: To hear the sound effects, make sure you have a sound card installed in your computer.

Adding sound to animations
Some of the animations in PowerPoint, for example, the Flying Effect, already have sound built into them. But most of the animations do not have sound effects.

In PowerPoint you can add sound to any animation. You can also replace the current sound effect on an animation with a new one.

Try adding a sound effect to an animation.

    1. In Slide View, select the animated object you want to add the sound effect to by clicking it.

    2. Click the Slide Show menu, then click Custom Animation. You can also click the Custom Animation button on the Animation Effects toolbar.

Custom Animation

    3. Under Entry animation and sound, select a sound effect from the drop-down list.

Choose your sound

    4. If you want to preview the sound effect, click the Preview Button.

    5. Click OK to add the sound to the animation. The sound is added to the animated object.

Incredible! Dare I say madcap! How about a transition? Can we add sound effects to that too?

Yeah, like the "Boop" sound from those old slides shows in school that told the teacher to go to the next slide.

Most of the people in your studio audience are probably too young to remember those days. Nevertheless, adding sound to a transition is easy and effective.

Adding sound to transitions
Spice up your transitions by adding sound effects to them. Here's how:

    1. In Slide Sorter View, click the slide with the transition you are adding sound to.

    2. Click the Slide Show menu, and then click Slide Transition. The Slide Transition dialog box will appear.

Slide Transition command

    3. Select a sound effect from the Sound drop-down list, then click Apply. The sound is added to the transition.

If you want the sound to continue playing until the next sound in your presentation, click the check box next to 'Loop until next sound'. But use this feature sparingly. Some sounds may lose their effect if they are played too long. Or, they may interfere with other elements of your presentation.

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