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Quick question. Let's say your text box is about King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. Is there anything you can do to make it look more medieval?

For starters, you could change the font to something gothic, you know, to make it look King Arthury. Let me show you how to do that...

Changing your font

    1. Click the text box to select it.

    2. Place the pointer on the box's border, and click again. The insertion point disappears, indicating that the entire text box is selected.

    3. Click the Format menu, then click Font. The Font dialog box appears.

Formatting font

    4. In the Font style list, click Bold; in the Size list, click 36; and in the Color list, click green.

Font options

    5. Click OK to close the font dialog box.

All the text in your text box is now green, bolded, and a font size of 36.


Now my teleprompter is telling me to ask about changing the bullet style. Does this mean I'm going to have to put on a tie?!!

Relax, Jim. A bullet is a symbol or small graphic you can use to offset a list of text. I'm sure your viewers have seen them before. It's very easy to change bullets to suit your style.

Selecting a new bullet style

    1. Click anywhere in the bulleted text to select it.

    2. Click the Format menu, then click Bullet. The Bullet dialog box will appear.

Choosing a bullet

    3. Click the square bullet in the symbol grid.

Choosing a bullet

    4. If you want, select a new color for the bullet in the color list box.

    5. Click OK. The new bullet style will appear in your bulleted text.

square bullets

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