For the Week of January 28, 1997

More Info: Anti-smoking campaign to focus on teenage girls

quadruple - increase by four times. So if a budget of $2 million was quadrupled, it would be $8 million.

statistics - numbers collected and analyzed, in this case numbers about people and how they live.

death rates - the number of people who die from a certain cause.

lung cancer - cancer of the lungs, which is one of the most common cancers that smokers get.

cited - referred to, mentioned.

Statistics Canada - the government organization that is responsible for collecting information on Canada and Canadians.

declined - has reduced or shrunk over time.

annual - yearly.

non-profit organizations - groups or companies that work for a goal, but do not try to make profit. Often they work for health, environmental or social causes.

tobacco reduction - efforts to lower the amount of tobacco used by people because of its terrible and expensive health effects.

embarking - starting out.

foundation - an institution or organization funded by a charitable gift of money.

collaborate - work together with.

demographic - studying the characteristics of human populations.

tailored - changed to fit an individual need or purpose.

casting a very broad net - a figure of speech meaning an effort that is unfocussed, that misses many of the people it is aimed at.

cessation - stopping or bringing something to an end.

decoys - impostors, lures.

convict - proven to have broken the law.

retailers - people who sell goods, for example, grocers.

suspended - taken away temporarily.

tactic - a plan of action.

repeat offender - someone who has already been charge with a crime, who repeats the same crime at a later date.

minimal - very small.

enforcement - making sure people obey the law, and punishing them if they do not. Some laws aren't enforced right away, to give time for people to adjust to them.

morality - whether something is right or wrong.

sting operations - activities that try to trap people who are breaking the law, usually by using people pretending to be customers or criminals.

misrepresenting - pretending to be something you are not.

undercover - secret.

media outlets - organizations that gather and report the news, such as papers, television and radio stations.

economic consequences - the financial impact of something, in this case, the effect on sales.

revoked - taken away.

chain stores - stores that have several locations.

informants - people who will tell the authorities about someone breaking the law.

vendor - someone who sells products.

assessing - investigating, considering.

lawsuit - a legal action where one person or group tries to get compensation from another for something they have done that has caused harm.