If you ace this POP-QUIZ, consider yourself a certified techno-whiz!

1. To enlarge the viewing area in IE4, click ________.

(A) View, then Source on the menu bar
(B) View, then Fonts on the menu bar
(C) the Search button
(D) the Fullscreen button

2. You can place an icon on your desk-top that ________.

(A) will open the Content Advisor
(B) points to a specific Web page
(C) prints a specific Web page
(D) opens your Favorites list

3. How do you make graphics and multimedia files load faster during a presentation?

(A) click the file furiously
(B) pre-load the files into IE4's cache
(C) load the files through the phone line
(D) close IE4 before you download the files

4. If you want to tell IE4 which multimedia files it should or shouldn't download, select Internet Options from the menu bar, then the tab marked ________.

(A) General
(B) Content
(C) Program
(D) Advanced

5. IE4 will do its job faster if you keep its _______ clean.

(A) security features
(B) buttons
(C) cache
(D) menu bar

6. You can tell IE4 to _______ it keeps History links.

(A) reduce the number of days
(B) reduce the number of hours
(C) increase the number of months
(D) increase the number of hours

7. If you want to surf at warp speed, how often should IE4 check for newer versions of a Web page?

(A) on every visit to the page
(B) every time you start IE4
(C) never check for newer versions
(D) only on Sundays

8. An easy way to get the latest and greatest Add-Ons for IE4 is to go to _______.

(A) DEN's homepage
(B) Microsoft's Add-On page
(C) Add-On R' Us
(D) the Search page