Okay, here's your chance to be in control. As the Supervisor, you can tell IE4 the level of offensive language, nudity, sex and violence that it is allowed to show. You can adjust the tolerance level for each category by selecting a number from 0 (most strict) to 4 (most relaxed).

To adjust the content levels in IE4:

  1. In the Content tab, click the Settings... button.

  2. Enter your password and click the OK button.

  3. When the Content Advisor opens, click the Ratings tab.

  4. Click the category you want to change (Language, Nudity, Sex, or Violence).

  5. When the slider appears below the category list, click and drag the slider left or right. Note: Level 0 is the most strict. Level 4 is the most relaxed.

  6. Repeat Steps 4 and 5 to other categories you want to change.

  7. Click the OK button when you're done.

Level 0 is most strict. Level 4 is most relaxed.

The Content Advisor is ON, and you've told IE4 what your kids shouldn't see. What's next? Why don't you take this feature for a test drive? Try visiting Hugh Hefner's pride and joy [www.playboy.com]. If all goes well, the Content Advisor window should appear explaining why access to the site has been denied.

The Content Advisor will appear when you visit the Playboy site.

If you don't see this window, then maybe your Content Advisor isn't ON. You'll have to turn ON the Advisor, close and open IE4, and visit the Playboy site again. Psst...don't let the kids catch you doing this!

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