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The Content Advisor can't keep your students away from all adult-oriented sites, but it is still good to leave it running in the classroom. At least with it ON, little Johnny won't be running home to tell mommy about the Playboy site he saw at school today.

See sites without ratings

If you decide to use the Content Advisor in your classroom, be sure to check the box next to "Users can see sites that have no rating". If you don't include this option, your students will be shut-out of most Web sites—good or bad.

Teacher knows best

It's a good idea to give yourself the option of overriding the Content Advisor. On the General page of the Content Advisor, check the box next to "Supervisor can type password to allow users to view restricted content". If your students stumble upon a blocked site, they can ask you to check it first. If you approve of the site, then type your password to give your students access.

Project specific ratings

Adjust the rating levels in the Content Advisor according to your classroom projects. Consider this:

Your 11th graders are researching their World War II history project and will likely use sites that depict death and destruction. If the Violence rating is set at Level 0, your students will be blocked from some valuable research sites. In this case, you may want to slide the Violence rating to Level 1 or 2.

This is a rare instance, of course. But keep it in mind if your students are doing research in subjects such as modern music, art, or science.

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