Whoa! Steady there, pard'ner! I know you're keen on finding out what to do next. Here's the lowdown. IE4 has a number of security commands that can be turned ON or OFF.

To look at all the security commands in IE4:

  1. Select View, then Internet Options from the menu bar.

  2. When the Options window appears, click the Security tab.

  3. On the Security page, check the circle next to Custom (for expert users).

  4. Click the Settings button.
Can't see the security settings until you do this...

Welcome to IE4's a la carte menu of security commands. This is where you can pick and choose exactly which security features you want to use. You can tell IE4 what types of programs to download, how to send data, and when to notify you with a problem.

A lot of settings, aren't there?

Should you be fiddling with those commands? Well, uh...let me ask you this...do the words authentication, scripting and initializing leave you scratching your head? If they do, then LEAVE those commands ALONE! Hit the Cancel button and get outta there!

Hey, don't fret about the Custom commands. They're for power-trippy, Net nerds, anyway. For now, you'll probably be more comfortable using the Low, Medium, and High security levels.

If you don't like ordering a la carte, use these Full-Meal deal security settings.

When you select one of these pre-defined levels, IE4 will choose the appropriate security settings for a zone. These pre-defined levels are like the Full-Meal deal at your favorite fast food restaurant. Order the "Low" Meal, and IE4 will give some simple security features. Order the "High" Meal, and it'll give you all sorts of security bells and whistles—plus a side-order of fries. Need extra ketchup with that?

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