Will channels reduce those fine lines, or trim inches off your waistline? Uh, probably not. But channels can save you time, and make Web surfing more dynamic.

With channels you can tell IE4 to grab information while you're sleeping, walking the dog, or talking to your class. Righto! No more staring blankly at the screen while you wait for content to download. IE4 will automatically retrieve the information you want, at a time you specify, and store it safely with IE4-—all without you being around!

Subscriptions aren't what you think

When it comes to channels, you'll see the word "subscription" used a lot. Whoa...settle down. These subscriptions are NOT like magazine subscriptions that you pay money for. In channel-world, the term "subscription" means that you have opened a pipe to let the latest content from a Web site flow to your computer. That's all.

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