Okay, let's pick a channel to "subscribe" to. How about the Discovery Channel? They've got something for the adventurer in all of us.

Subscribing to a Channel is easy:

NOTE: The following steps will take you to the Discovery Channel site. To return to Mo'Jo and this page (and we know you'll want to!), use the BACK button on IE4's toolbar.

  1. Click the Lifestyle and Travel folder.

  2. Select the Discovery Channel title.

  3. On the opening page of the Discovery Channel site, select the "Add Channel" link and wait for IE4 to update your channels.

  4. Select the last option in the Channel Usage window "Yes, notify me of updates..."

  5. Click the OK button to accept.

  6. Click the NO button to decline a Channel Screen Saver.

Abbracadabra, open seezmee!

Screen Savers: fun, but not fast

Certain sites will offer you a screen saver when you subscribe to their channel. If you like whirling do-dads on your screen, then go for it. But be warned--these screen savers can be a burden for some computers to run. If you add this option, you'll slow down your computer's reaction time.

After subscribing to several channels, you may find that some don't interest you afterall. Hey, fair enough. Just pull the plug on these channel subscriptions so IE4 doesn't continue to update them.

To cancel a channel subscription:

  1. Locate the channel you want to "cancel" in IE4's channel bar.

  2. Position your mouse over the channel title and right click your mouse button.

  3. Select Properties from the pop-up menu.

  4. When the Properties window appears, select the Subscriptions tab.

    NOTE: If you do not have a subscription to the channel, you will not see the Subscriptions tab in the Properties window.

  5. Click the Unsubscribe button.

  6. Select the Yes button in the confirmation window.

  7. Select the OK button to close the Properties window.

Stopping the flow, Joe?

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