Have you wrapped your brain around Channels? Why don't you see for yourself...

1. What is a channel?

(A) a pipe that allows content to flow from the Internet to your computer
(B) a feature that can save you time
(C) a feature makes Web surfing more dynamic
(D) all of the above

2. When you open your Channels bar, it will appear ________ of IE4.

(A) in the bottom right corner
(B) on the left-hand side
(C) on the right-hand side
(D) on top

3. To subscribe to a channel, you must go to the channel site and click the ________ link.

(A) Remove Channel
(B) Subscribe To
(C) Add Channel
(D) Sign Me Up!

4. What does Mo'Jo say about Channel screen savers?

(A) they are good for procrastination
(B) they increase productivity in the classroom
(C) they can make your computer look pretty
(D) they can be a burden for some computers to run

5. To cancel a channel, you must go to the Properties window for the channel and _______.

(A) click the Unsubscribe button
(B) click the Remove button
(C) double-click the Channel button
(D) select the channel with your mouse and click Delete

6. If you are connected to the Internet using a network, you can schedule IE4 to update your channels ________.

(A) only in the evening
(B) only in the early morning
(C) even when you're not around
(D) only when you're around

7. If you are using a standard modem connection, how should you update your channels?

(A) using an update schedule set for 4 AM
(B) using the manual update option
(C) using the manage subscriptions option
(D) using the Refresh button

8. How can you decrease the download time for your channels?

(A) by limiting the type of content that IE4 downloads
(B) by subscribing to more channels
(C) by increasing the memory of your computer
(D) by closing IE4 while you update your channels