How does IE4 keep track of all the Web sites you visit? Quit wondering. Just take a peek at IE4's memory pack and you'll see how it all works.

The History button opens and closes your History list (unofficially known as IE4's memory pack):

Click on the History button once, and your History list will appear on the left-hand side of IE4.

Click on the History button again. Or, select the Close button located at the top of the History list.

Use this button to see where you've been

The list that appears on your left-hand side is a collection of all the Web sites that IE4 has shown you in the last few weeks. No, no, no...Big Brother is NOT watching you! IE4 is just making sure that it's easy for you to jump back to a page you saw a few days ago.

Your History list appears on the left

If you have visited several sites, you may need to scroll through your History list to see all the site folders.

  1. Click the gray bar near the bottom of the History list to scroll down.

  2. Click the gray bar near the top of the History list to scroll back up again.

You can also adjust the width of your History list.

  1. Position your mouse cursor over the gray divider. It should change into a double-headed arrow.

  2. Click and hold the left mouse button.

  3. Drag your mouse left or right to move the divider.

Yes, smarty've seen this before.It's the same as re-sizing the Search page.

Being a bit of a neat freak, IE4 arranges your site folders by days of the week. If you want to show someone a cool site you saw last Monday, just click the "Monday" button. The URLs of the sites you saw that day will appearólisted in alphabetical order, of course. After IE4 collects seven days worth of Web sites in its memory pack, it will squish the sites into a folder for the entire week.

Zowie! That's a nifty feature!

Was the site for cabbages or concert tickets? It's hard to recognize a site by its URL. That's why when you click a site folder, IE4 will show you the titles of all the pages you visited in the site. If you click on one of the page titlesóZOOM!, off you go to the page.

Click a title to zip to the page

If seeing generic titles still doesn't jog your memory, then you're getting old. Aww...I'm just having fun. To find out which of those titles will take you to the concert ticket page, move your mouse over a page title and hold it there. DON'T click your mouse button! A pop-up box with a full title and URL for the page will appear.

The pop-up box gives you more details

Even though IE4 tries to keep things as tidy as possible, it can get a little cluttered in the History list. Here are a few ways to do some house cleaning.

Worried that the IRS will learn you've been to the "Skimp on Your Taxes" site? Better delete it from your History list.

  1. Move your mouse over the folder you want to delete.

  2. Click your right mouse button to open the pop-up menu.

  3. Select Delete

You can delete one site at a time

Even more worried that the kids will see you've been cruising the anti-Barney sites? Here's how to clean-out IE4's memory pack.

  1. Select View, then Internet Options from the drop-down menu bar.

  2. Near the bottom of the General page, you will find the Clear History button.

  3. Click this button once.

  4. Select the OK button to close the Internet Options window.

Clean-out your History list with one simple click

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