So you think you've mastered the Search feature in IE4. Okay, smarty-pants... show us what you can do.

1. The Search page appears ________ of IE4.

(A) on the right-hand side
(B) on the left-hand side
(C) in the bottom-left corner
(D) in the top-left corner

2. When you select a Web site in the Search page, IE4 will ________.

(A) enlarge the Search page to fill the entire screen
(B) look up the word kaasdoop
(C) close the Search page, then jump to the site
(D) display the site in the right-hand frame

3. To adjust the size of the Search page, position your mouse cursor over the gray divider until ________.

(A) the divider begins to dance left and right
(B) the Search page flashes once
(C) the cursor changes into a hand
(D) the cursor changes into a double-headed arrow

4. IE4's Search page links to ________ popular search engines.

(A) three
(B) four
(C) five
(D) six

5. Which search engine organizes Web sites by category?

(A) AOL NetFind
(B) Excite
(C) Lycos
(D) Yahoo

6. Which search engine is exactly the same as Excite?

(A) AOL NetFind
(B) Lycos
(C) Infoseek
(D) Yahoo

7. When entering keywords into a search engine, think of words that ________.

(A) will stump and confuse the search engine
(B) the person who produced the page would likely use
(C) the person who produced the page would never use
(D) only make sense to you

8. What is kaasdoop?

(A) a one-and-a-half twist in the air performed by figure skaters
(B) a Dutch-style, cheese fondue
(C) an exclamation used to show disappointment as in "Aww...kaasdoop!"
(D) a word meaning to be tricked