I hope you've studied hard because this pop-quiz is going to BUZZ your brain!

1. If images or text don't load properly, which IE4 button should you use to re-load the page?

(A) the Home button
(B) the Re-load button
(C) the Search button
(D) the Refresh button

2. Which IE4 button will return you to a page you saw earlier?

(A) the Refresh button
(B) the Stop button
(C) the Fullscreen button
(D) the Back button

3. The address for a Web page is called ________.

(A) the thing-a-ma-giggy
(B) the IRL
(C) the URL
(D) the ROL

4. When entering a Web address into IE4's Address bar, you do not need to type http:// because ________.

(A) IE4 will automatically include it
(B) IE4 will not recognize it
(C) the letters are not part of a Web address
(D) your fingers will get tired

5. Which IE4 feature will give you quick, one-click access to your favorite Web page?

(A) the Address bar
(B) the Links bar
(C) the Hyper-space bar
(D) the drop-down menus

6. An easy way to add a page to your Links bar is to ________.

(A) visualize the page in your head
(B) press the Enter key on your keyboard
(C) place your mouse on the Links bar and click twice
(D) drag the "page icon" from the Address bar to the Links bar

7. To move one of IE4's bars, you must pick the bar up by ________.

(A) removing the check-mark next to "Don't place the bar here"
(B) clicking your right mouse button
(C) using the gray line next to the bar titles
(D) entering a special line of code into the Address bar

8. You can make the buttons on the Explorer Bar ________ by removing the text descriptions.

(A) larger
(B) smaller
(C) disappear
(D) faster