page seven
The next stage is to highlight the shape and colours of the image by painting a white border around the text.

Select white as the foreground colour. Double-click the Line Tool to open its control panel and set the width to 1 pixel. Draw a line around your graffiti text, leaving some space between the line and the edge of the text. Make sure that you don't leave any gaps in the line that will later make it difficult to use the fill tool.

Double-click the Magic Wand Tool and set its tolerance at 20. Select the area between the line you just drew and the edge of the text. You may notice that the entire border area is not selected. This occurs because some of the pixels may fall outside of the wand's tolerance. If this happens, increase the wand's tolerance to select more pixels.

Double-click the Fill Tool and set its tolerance at 100. Fill in the selected area with white. Repeat the select and fill process until the entire border is filled.